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Vacancy:  Parish Clerk/RFO 

2 Parish Councillor Vacancies - please contact the Parish Clerk for information,


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RAF Shawbury

Aries Magazine

Wrekin Gliding Club to start flying from Shawbury from September.

The Wrekin Glider Club, who have operated from RAF Cosford for the last 53 years, are relocating to RAF Shawbury to operate aero-towed gliders at the weekends.  The aim of the club is to provide military serving, Civil Service and our Contractor partners, along with their families, the opportunity to undertake gliding activities. This will be, for some, the first opportunity to fly and may be the start of a career in aviation.  This very safe activity has undergone a rigorous assurance process before commencing operations from RAF Shawbury and, by virtue of its very nature, will be extremely quiet.  We (RAF Shawbury) wanted to let you know about the gliding before you see an article in the forthcoming Aries Magazine or before you see unexpected gliders in the overhead of RAF Shawbury.

Please contact Astley Parish Council if any questions need forwarding to the RAF.



Notice of the period for the exercise of public rights (2020-2021) here  (Required by Regulation 15 (2) Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015)

Summary of period for the exercise of public rights, page 1 here , page 2 here

Astley Parish Council now have a Grant Awarding Policy. Applications for small grants of up to £100 can be made to the council by local  groups/organisations between 1st November and 31 December.  Please see Grant Awarding Policy here .  Application form in Word format here

Meeting Dates for 2021 here

Draft Minutes of Meeting held on 15th September 2021 here

The next Meeting of Astley Parish Council will be held on Wednesday 20th October 2021 7.30pm at Astley Village Hall, Agenda here


Astley Parish Noticeboard