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Church News

Covid19 Lockdown Compliance Guidance. Arrangements for church services: December 2020

• All attendees (apart from those exempt) should wear masks. Spare masks to be made available where necessary. Reserve supplies kept in vestries.

• Hand sanitiser is to be applied on church entry by all attendees; church official is to supervise the signing of attendance sheet on entry to church.

• Service booklets should be safely distributed at the beginning of the service. Hymn books may be used to follow hymn wording. These should be left at far end of habitually-used pews at the end of the service.

• Other service paperwork to be left on pews for safe collection. Service orders to be routinely quarantined for three days.

• Church seating arrangements are to comply with 1+ metre separation rules. “Bubbles” will be allowed to sit together, provided that this does not impinge upon other congregation members. If this is the case, then groups must be split in order to comply with the rules.

• Holy Communion is to have the bread element only for now, as per the arrangement for services during

first lockdown. The vicar will take appropriate safeguarding measures before and after handling communion wafers. Distribution of the bread will continue to be in pews for now.

Donations and regular collection are to be made onto a plate at back of church. These are to be collected and processed by church staff in a fully compliant way after the service.

• Church staff are to ensure arrival and dispersal is socially distanced. Your gentle cooperation and understanding about that will be much appreciated.

Coffee after service. Serving of this will be at the discretion of each church officers group after consultation. Preparation and washing-up procedures involved here will be carried out according to appropriate social distancing and hygiene rules. A church official should be present to ensure compliance.

Church Cleaning. After each service and private prayer times, appropriate cleaning to be carried out before church space is used by other people.

Church-capacity issues will be determined by the vicar and church staff deciding an appropriate maximum number for each service. Your understanding of this will be appreciated in these difficult times.


Issued by The Benefice Safeguarding Group. December 2020. Version 1. 5/12/20