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Astley Parish Home



RAF Shawbury Notices

A message from RAF Shawbury to our neighbours.


Dog thieves operating in the area, be watchful and careful..

There was a theft of dog, bitch and puppies at the weekend. Police are aware. Please take care while out walking, and keep your dogs secure.


COVID Government Advice

Documents below, including Letter from our local Councillor, Lezley Picton, with useful advice.

This section will be updated as we know more.

Keep well.

Book your Covid jab if still required:

The easiest way to arrange a vaccination is through the national booking service which can be accessed at You may also be contacted via your own GP who will also operate a very efficient process to book.

More Details via PDF document


Getting Hearts Beating Faster - ENERGIZE : Poster

Getting help with bereavement : Poster

Getting help with finance : Poster

Getting help with food : Poster

Getting help with mental health : Poster




Illustrations by Jackie Russell 1998

Call for photographs for this website.

This website will be much more fun and representative of the parish if we have some great photos on it by different peoples and on different topics ie Open Gardens, Village Hall events, Church events, photos specific to each hamlet etc. We cannot promise to show all, but we will use as many as we can. Thank you in advance for your offerings.  For now please use the following email address for forwarding photos:

Got Ideas

Please forward any ideas via Contact . The more the merrier. We really want this to be the one stop site for Astley Parish.

A bit about the Parish 

The Parish of Astley is made up of the hamlets of Upper Battlefield, Upper Astley, Bings Heath, Ebrey Wood and Astley village.

Astley Parish lies near to and between the A49 and A53 roads at the heart of rural Shropshire. Its landscape is mainly agricultural however, dwellings ancient and modern, are scattered among several hamlets throughout the Parish and more concentrated at its centre in Astley village, a designated Conservation Area. Although agriculture and its diversified ventures comprise the majority of businesses within the Parish there are a significant number of non-agricultural business too

The Parish of Astley

Astley Parish Map Astley Parish Map