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Astley Parish

Hadnall News Article

February 2017

2018 has already seen a busy start for the parish council, as we explore the idea of a defibrillator, located in Astley.  There are a few steps we need to take, making sure that we work closely with the ambulance service, and making sure people are properly trained and the right location is chosen.  A defibrillator would be a great safety asset to parish residents, and we will do what we can to get one installed this year.     

On the subject of safety, a First Aid training course takes place on 3rd February in the Village Hall.  All the places are taken on this course, but if it goes well and if there is demand, a second course will be held in the summer, open to all parish residents.  If you would like to register your interest in first aid training, please contact the Clerk and we will let you know as soon as a second course is arranged.

Astley Lane has suffered its usual winter flooding problem, and once again we have asked Shropshire Council to act.  This is so inconvenient for people using the lane, and we will keep pushing to have this sorted out.

Shropshire Councillor Lezley Picton came along to our January meeting, and gave us some good news for broadband users.  Shropshire Council has entered a new Airband contract for faster broadband, and this is available for local people.  It has good reviews, and if you are interested you should contact Shropshire Council for more information.

Councillor Picton also told us that a private firm has been engaged to carry out enforcement against people who fail to pick up after their dogs in rural areas.  This should persuade more people to pick up after their dogs, and make our footpaths nicer to walk on.

RAF Shawbury often come to Parish Council and give an update on the base.  In January we heard that the new helicopters are now in use, and are quieter than their predecessors

This is the centenary year for the RAF, and the air show at RAF Cosford will be the biggest in the country.  We can look forward to a spectacular air show, and also a very busy weekend!

RAF Shawbury has kindly offered to make a donation of £50 towards a new defibrillator.  This takes us a step closer towards the new equipment.   

Please remember you are welcome to attend Parish Council meetings, which often include useful updates from RAF Shawbury and Shropshire Council.

December 2016

RAF Shawbury has provided a new contact for the parish and we were pleased to welcome Corporal Paul Humphreys to his first Parish Council meeting in November.  Cpl Humphreys told us that there will be a period of night flying over the coming weeks as part of the ongoing training offered at the base.  There are also a regular group of trainees at Shawbury and we were pleased to be offered their services should there be any community projects that need some extra hands. 

There are a few jobs that can be done to help make the parish look tidy, such as some new noticeboards, tidying up the area around the bus stop, and more regular trimming of the road side verges.  The Parish Council is working with Shropshire Council to try and find the finances to do all these jobs.  There will be more discussions about this work at the meetings in January, and in the meantime, if you have an opinion on what the priorities should be, please let us know.  A much bigger project being considered is a possible new footpath to join Astley to Bings Heath.  This would be a great way to provide a safe passage between the villages.  However, the costs are likely to be high, and the first step is to look at different options and costs and see if there is any chance of attracting some funding to help.  Again, this will be discussed at the meeting in January and we will make sure there is an update in the next newsletter.

Don’t forget that you can keep up to date with Astley parish news on our new website: http://www.astleyparish.org  There is plenty of information on the site about local events, the church and the Parish Council.

Finally, a reminder about the elections taking place in May 2017.  If you would like to get more involved in local decision making, you can put your name forward to be a parish councillor.  Our website contains lots of useful information.

You are welcome to come and observe any meeting of the Parish Council, and every meeting includes a Public Forum at the beginning, when you can raise issues that you think are important to the local community.  We hope to see you there.

To find out more about Astley Parish Council get in touch with Andrea Gabbitas, Clerk. Email: astleypc@hotmail.co.uk

Parish Council Meetings are usually held on the third Wednesday of every month (except August and December) at 7.30pm in Astley Village Hall.  Everyone is most welcome and anyone can speak in our Open Forum at the start of the meeting.

September 2016

The new website for the parish is now up and running, and includes space for news from the Parish Council, Village Hall and Church, as well as updates on events or other news about the parish.  The next meeting of the parish council is on Wednesday 19 October, and will include a demonstration of the new site.  It’s still new and there are bound to be ways it could be improved, so why not come along to the meeting, or have a look at the website, and let us know if you have any ideas?  The address for the website is: http://www.astleyparish.org

The Parish Council is always looking out to make sure that our villages are well maintained, and we speak regularly to Shropshire Council to report any work that needs doing, such as blocked drains, mending footpath and other repairs.  It’s frustrating that sometimes work doesn’t happen as quickly as we would like!  We know that Shropshire Council faces serious budget cuts, and an overflowing drain in Astley may not be top of the priority list, but the Parish Council will keep working on behalf of villagers to get repairs and maintenance completed. 

2017 will see elections for new parish councillors.  Being a parish councillor is a good way of getting involved and helping your community.    There is information on the website about being a parish councillor, and our Clerk is happy to answer any questions you may have.  Elections take place in May 2017.

You are welcome to come and observe any meeting of the Parish Council, and every meeting includes a Public Forum at the beginning, when you can raise issues that you think are important to the local community.  We hope to see you there.


July 2016

Kate Lloyd has taken over as Parish Council Chairperson, unanimously elected at the annual meeting on 11 May.  Kate has been a loyal member of the Parish Council for several years, using her knowledge of the local area and her commitment to promoting and protecting the wellbeing of the parish.  Kate’s first step was to thank outgoing chairperson Malcolm Colclough.  Malcolm has worked voluntarily since 2013, giving up many of his evenings to help our villages and residents. 

Edward Bedell will take over as Vice-Chair of the Parish Council.

The Parish Council continues to respond to issues raised by local people, sometimes raised at the meetings and sometimes by contact with one of the councillors or the Clerk.  Recently we asked the Forestry Commission to take some action at Shawbury Wood.  We were told that they are in the process of clearing the area of any windblown trees, and any debris from recent felling of trees.

We were pleased when, at the request of the Parish Council, Arriva reviewed the cost of buses between Astley and Shrewsbury, and made the decision to reduce the fare and bring it into line with the fare from Hadnall.

It’s been a busy time, as we have worked to make some improvements in Astley with a new kissing gate and a smartly redecorated telephone box.

There are worrying times ahead, as Shropshire Council starts its huge programme of spending cuts.   The Parish Council will do all in its power to minimise the impact on our area, and this is sure to be on the agenda for the future meetings.  Options are for us to join with other small parish councils to buy services that are cut, or to join in with a bigger group led by Shrewsbury Town Council.  We’re waiting for more information from Shropshire Council and we are listening closely to the conversations, but you can be sure that no decisions will be made without careful thought about what is best for the Parish. 

It was great to see the Queens 90th Birthday Celebrations in the Village Hall.  The Parish Council supported the event and we were delighted to see so many people having a nice time with friends and neighbours.

There continues to be concern over road safety on A53.  Sadly this stretch of road hasn’t been accepted as a priority by Highways, partly because there are not many accidents reported to the police.  It is important that every accident is reported to police, telephoning 999 for emergencies or 101 for non-emergencies.  Only by getting a true picture of how many accidents take place can we hope to persuade Highways to help us make the road safer.