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Buses and Trains

Bus Services

Details of the No 64 bus service along the A53 serving Upper Astley and Bing’s Heath can be found here:-

No 64 Bus Timetable

Details of the No 511 bus service along the A49 serving Upper Battlefield can be found here:-

No 511 Bus Timetable

At the time of writing, there are no Sunday bus services in the Astley area along either the A53 or A49.

Take a look at the website about getting around Shropshire and the West Midlands at:-

Rail Services

The nearest stations are Yorton (4.4 miles) and Shrewsbury (4.9 miles), distances quoted are from the centre of Astley.

Yorton is a request stop so please indicate to the driver that you want the train to stop for you and advise the conductor that you wish to alight at Yorton.

Shrewsbury is the most convenient if you are intending to reach Astley by bus (via Hadnall or Upper Astley).

Plan your rail journey here:-

64 bus at Upper Astley 64 bus at Upper Astley
Yorton Station Yorton Station
Shrewsbury station Shrewsbury station